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At The Yoga Sanctuary, we feel that we are part of your growth and transformation. Please do not hesitate to speak with any of our staff whenever you are experiencing the effects of yoga in your life.
~ Happy Journey!!
Kimberley and Cynthia

Yoga Tips

yoga tipsWhat Is Happening To Me?
Answers for students who are new to the yoga and experience changes in body and mind.

The Roots of Yoga
Sanskrit roots of the word yoga and a beginner's guide to the history of yoga.

The Sacred Syllable OM
OM is the oldest mantra, or sound of numinous power, known to the sages of India. Its origin, however, is somewhat obscure.

How Yoga Can Help You
Yoga is a noncompetitive, process-oriented method of exercising your body aimed at uniting the mind, body and the spirit.

Mudras: Yoga for The Fingers
Mudras are sacred ritual gestures or hand positions. While there are more than 100 mudras, they are easily learned and with a little practice you can do them at any time and place.

The History of Yoga
The history of yoga goes back 5,000 years and according to Patanjali, the father of yoga, there are eight limbs of yoga, which lead to the ultimate goal of enlightenment.

Feeling Yoga
Yoga offers up the opportunity to feel deeper, more open, alive, and connected.

Mantras - What is A Mantra?
A Mantra is a formula or a word with spiritual significance. Mantra meditation is a very easy to learn and is an effective relaxation technique.

The Purpose of Yoga
Yoga has been found to have a positive effect on such conditions as asthma, respiratory difficulties, high blood pressure, pain management, back pain, arthritis, and weight loss. Psychologically, it tends to increase self awareness, create a positive self-image, and uplift the spirits of the participant.

The Power of Kirtan
Kirtan, a form of devotional chanting that originated in India, is one practice that has been gaining popularity in the West in the last decade. Writer Jennifer Mattson provides an insightful overview of kirtan - what it is, how it works, and the effects this traditional and ancient chanting practice has on us.

Yoga Beauty Tipsyoga beauty tips

The Metal Element ~ Article Series 1 of 5 on The Five Elements by Cathy Keenan

The Water Element ~ Article Series 2 of 5 on The Five Elements by Cathy Keenan

The Wood Element ~ Article Series 3 of 5 on The Five Elements by Cathy Keenan

The Fire Element ~ Article Series 4 of 5 on The Five Elements by Cathy Keenan

The Earth Element ~ Article Series 5 of 5 on The Five Elements by Cathy Keenan

Feeling Good is Looking Good
Aside from feeling great yoga can help fight the aging process by using anti-gravity exercises.

Yoga As Part Of An Anti-Aging Plan
Yoga produces physical fitness, encourages overall health of mind and body, helps keep the intellect stimulated, helps with the removal of toxins from the body, increases flexibility and helps improve the effectiveness of the immune system.

Yoga for Weight Loss
Yoga is particularly useful if you're a comfort eater - someone who eats whenever they're stressed. Your yoga exercises help you to calm down.

Balance with Yoga
To be in balance with yourself, your environment, your thoughts, your goals, your values… that is beauty.

Confidence with Yoga
There is nothing more beautiful and sexy than someone with confidence.

The Skin You're In
Since stress is one the biggest causes of emotional, spiritual and physical sickness it also plays a role in the quality of our skin. Yoga helps relax the muscles in your face.

Watering Your Skin
If you want to know the importance of water, just add some to your thirsty plants and watch them grow tall and strong.

Saving Face - Avoiding Premature Aging
It is not possible to escape the process of aging and getting old, but we can avoid it from coming early.



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